Administration Team

Principal: Mrs Asher Dragun 

Associate Principal: Mrs Sina Andrijich

Manager Corporate Services: Mrs Jenny Lindsay

School Officer: Mrs Pat Snow


The Library Resource Centre 

Library Officer: Mrs Bev Giraud 

Kindergarten/Pre-Primary: Learning Area 2

Teachers: Jody Windham (Mon - Wed); Mrs Nicole Payne (Thurs - Fri)


Year 1: Learning Area 3

Teacher: Ms Angela Rechichi


Year 2: Learning Area 7/8

Teacher: Mrs Nicole Hall


Year 3: Learning Area 5/6 

Teachers: Mrs Alison Bampton (Mon - Thurs); Mrs Jessie Connor (Fri) 


Year 4/5: Learning Area 4

Teacher: Miss Gillian Rajasingham

Year 5/6 Learning Area 10

Teachers: Mr Karl Birkelbach (Mon - Wed) ; Mr Rick Payne (Thurs - Fri)

Languages Other Than English: Chinese (Mandarin)

Teacher: Ms YangYang Ping


Arts (Music/Drama) Coordinator

Teacher: Mrs Samantha Jones


Physical Education Coordinator

L3 Classroom Teacher: Mr Rick Payne (Mon-Wed)


SAER Support Coordinator: Learning Area 1

Teacher: Mrs Jessie Connor (Wed - Thurs)


PEAC Coordinator

Teacher: Mrs Donna Wilson


Early Childhood Education Assistants:

Mrs Lee Francis; Mrs Maria Lomma; Mrs Sandra Wallis 


Special Needs Education Assistants:

Mrs Annette Lovering; Mr Emile van der Linden; Mrs Kerry Kasatchkow


Student Services and Pastoral Care Team

School Psychologist:Ms Luciana Carelli;  Chaplain:Ms Sandy Clifton  

Cleaning and Maintenance Staff

R-L: Mr Mendel Greenberg: Head Cleaner; Mrs Zivka Stojkovska:Cleaner